Garena Free Fire unveils a remastered Bermuda map

Garena Free Fire unveils a remastered Bermuda map

The Free Fire fan favourite map Bermuda has received a makeover and has been introduced to the game as Bermuda 2.0. The new version of the map was first introduced back in July on the advanced server of the game, but it was never made available to all players.

Bermuda is an expansive map and is one of the largest in the game, featuring vast and bright landscape for intense firefights.

The Bermuda map has been completely revamped and various cities have received changes. Along with this, new cities have also been added to enhance the Free Fire experience.

What you need to know about Bermuda 2.0 in Free Fire

The changes made to the Bermuda map are as follows:

  • The Peak area won't be flat any more. It will be mountainous and will get terrain changes.

  • The new place, called Yagami Garden, will completely replace Sentosa island

  • Fisherman Creek will be the replacement for Rim Nam Village

  • Hydrapower will be located where there already is a dam on the map

The newly added cities are as follows:

  • Hydropower

  • Academy

  • Fisherman Greek

  • Yagami Garden

How to download Bermuda 2.0 in Free Fire?

The revamped version of Bermuda will be available as a separate map and the old version will still remain in the game. It'll be a separate map with a 85 MB download size equal to that of a Purgatory map. Players may optionally download it or not. The map will not be available for classic and ranked matches.

The map was released on January 1 with as a part of the OB23 update and here's how you can download it:

  1. Open Free Fire game

  2. Open the ‘Download Centre’

  3. Click on the ‘Down’ arrow near the Bermuda Remastered option

  4. The Remastered Bermuda will be downloaded and you can enjoy the new map.

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