Fortnite players on iPhone won't be getting new updates- Epic games takes a stand

Fortnite players on iPhone won't be getting new updates- Epic games takes a stand

Players of the popular game Fortnite on iPhones will not get updates after Epic Games on Wednesday decried Apple's App Store "monopoly" and said it will not remove a direct payment feature it recently enabled.

A legal battle ensued after Epic rolled out its own method of in-game purchases for Fortnite on Apple's App Store earlier this month. This caused a tiff and now, Fortnite on iOS won't be getting any new updates.

The future of Fortnite on iPhones is on a tightrope

Epic games wanted to switch to their direct payment method rather than using Apple's required in-app purchase system that charges commissions of 30 percent.

Apple had responded by removing Epic's Fortnite game from its App Store and threatened to terminate an affiliated account. This move would have effectively blocked distribution of Unreal Engine, a software tool relied on by hundreds of other app and game makers.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the US District Court for the Northern District of California on Monday blocked Apple from shutting down Unreal Engine, but allowed the iPhone maker to keep Fornite out of its store until Epic meets Apple's request to submit the app without the direct payment feature.

The judge's reasoning was that Epic would not face "irreparable harm" by temporarily removing the direct payment feature while its case against Apple proceeds.

"We agree with Judge Gonzalez Rogers that 'the sensible way to proceed' is for Epic to comply with the App Store," Apple said on Tuesday.

In a blog post Wednesday, Epic said it disagreed in principle with Apple's payment rules and would not submit Fortnite to the App Store without the direct payment system.

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