INSIDE: Meco x Ultimate E; Win a sim racing championship & get a chance to drive in a real race

INSIDE: Meco x Ultimate E; Win a sim racing championship & get a chance to drive in a real race

From iRacing to Real Racing- this championship rewards it's winners by giving them a chance to drive in a real race for MSPORT

Sim racing, or Simulation racing, is basically- virtual car racing, in which a computer simulation on a PC or console realistically simulates car racing. Sim racing has been carving its niche in esports during the last couple of years as several real-life motorsports series have started their own esports counterparts.

Sim Racing Esports or Virtual Motorsports is a hugely exciting opportunity – not only within the gaming industry but also for motorsport in general.

Ultimate E is an esports organization founded in 2019 and is creating world-class experiences for gamers, game publishers & brands since then. They have been hosting a number of sim racing tournaments in India since April 2020, working with Brands such as Evo India and AORUS for the Indian Virtual Grand Prix.

Meco x Ultimate E Battle of the Stars 2.0- India's biggest sim racing championship

During the last week, Ultimate E in collaboration with Meco Motorsport- India's No. 1 motorsports management enterprise started by Indian racing legend Akbar Ebrahim, hosted the Meco x Ultimate E Battle of the Stars 2.0- India's biggest sim racing championship. The tournament is unique compared to the ones hosted by Ultimate E in the past as the winners of this tournament get a chance to drive for Msport in a real race.

The championship has two different Tiers, Tier 1 in a GTE -for professionals and Tier 2 in a GT3 -for amateurs. The tournament has a collective prize pool of ₹50K.

Tier 1 winner gets a seat in the Formula Junior Series and the runner up gets a seat for one round of the X30 Karting championship. Tier 2 winner gets a two-day training program with Msport Racing academy and the runner up gets a two-day training program with Msport karting academy.

Armaan Ebrahim and Aditya Patel helped Ultimate E to fuel this unique concept

The unique concept of giving opportunities to pro sim drivers, to drive in a real race was designed by Viresh Reddy Director of Ultimate E and it was fueled by two prominent names in the Indian Motorsports scene- Armaan Ebrahim owner of Meco Motorsports and son of ex-Indian F3 champion Akbar Ebrahim and Aditya Patel who represents Audi India Motorsport.

Armaan and Aditya are well known for their venture -- Xtreme1 (X1) Racing League, touted as the world’s first franchise-based motorsports league. They had also launched the esports counterpart for X1- The X1esports which was the biggest offline sim racing tournament in Asia.

In a conversation with Armaan Ebrahim about sim racing, he said "Over the last 1 year, we have realized that sim racing is really popular in India and there are many active players who have the required setup and are ready to participate in tournaments. We see huge potential in the Indian esports ecosystem as we have seen a few players do sessions in real race cars and go-karts and have performed really well, hence our main goal is to take this talent to the next level by offering them various opportunities.”

In a conversation with Viresh Reddy we asked him about the future plans of Ultimate E for sim racing, he said "As for future plans, we're going to continue providing such opportunities to Sim Racers, we're looking at certain mobile sim racing games so we can connect with a larger audience and talent pool."

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