Furia coach 'Guerri' indicted of exploiting the CS:GO bug back in June 2019

Furia coach 'Guerri' indicted of exploiting the CS:GO bug back in June 2019

"Didn't know what exactly was happening when the bug first happened." - Nicholas "Guerri" Nogueira, Coach, Furia.

It has only been a few days since the coaches of professional CS:GO teams MIBR, Heroic and Hard Legion were banned for abusing a bug. Now, another team's coach has been found exploiting a game breaking bug.

Furia coach Nicholas "Guerri" Nogueira is the latest to be blamed for cheating by ESL Head Referee- Michal Slowinski.

Furia coach 'Guerri' indicted of exploiting the CS:GO bug back in June 2019
Heroic's HUNDEN, MIBR'S dead, Hard Legion's MechanoGun banned by ESL & Dreamhack

The Accusation

Guerri has been accused of first exploiting the bug during Furias match against Complexity where he allegedly abused the bug for the whole map. He also encountered the bug during their match against Luminosity Gaming the previous day but quickly reconnected which fixed the problem.

Although when he was bugged again the next day, he did not disconnect and continued to spectate the match in that state.

The Defense

Guerri in his defense, immediately put out a video saying he was unaware of what was happening the first time he was bugged. He simply reconnected back to the server and the issue was fixed. Later when he was bugged again, he did not think of reconnecting but rather wait, till the issue resolves itself.

He quickly became aware that the bug is something serious and should not be happening. To be fair, he decided to "alt+tab" away from the game screen and stand behind his team. This way, he would not see the enemy players positions.

He further goes on to explain how the game becomes choppy and there is no in-game audio to prove that he has alt-tabbed.

This video can potentially harm Furias reputation, Guerri insists that it is imperative to maintain transparency and competitive integrity of the game.

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