Fortnite: We'll tell you the best places to find candy during Fortnitemares 2020

Fortnite: We'll tell you the best places to find candy during Fortnitemares 2020

To celebrate Fortnitemares, candy can now be found and eaten in Fortnite.

Fortnite's annual event- Fortnitemares 2020 is live. As a part of the event, in game Candy can be found by destroying the plastic pumpkin buckets that are located across the Fortnite map during the event. These buckets are either green or orange and, while some are actual buckets, others look like pumpkins. All, however, are overflowing with sweets.

Candy is consumed just like any other food item or potion in Fortnite. Every piece of candy you consume in Fortnite will supply you with a different bonus; be it health or a burst of extra speed. There will be a small waiting period as you eat the candy, so, if you're worried about enemy players, make sure you're in a safe space.

There are 5 types of candies:

  • Candy Corn- Regain health over a short period of time

  • Hop Drop- Increased jump height for a short period of time

  • Jelly Bean- Regain a small portion of shield

  • Pepper Mint- Increased speed for a short period of time

  • Thermal Taffy- Able to see heat signaturers for a short period of time

If you eat 25 pieces of candy before the end of Fortnitemarers, you'll complete the 'Eat Candy' challenge, which, when completed, will unlock the Midas' Shadow Weapon Wrap.

Here are the best locations to find candy in the map during Fortnitemares 2020.

Sweaty Sands

The boardwalk usually spawns a bunch of candy buckets, so consider making Sweaty Sands a priority. Make a beeline to Salty next.

Houses and businesses

Put yourself in the shoes of a trick-or-treater. Where are you going to find candy? Homes and businesses, of course. Consider swinging through Salty Springs or Retail Row. Check out the storefronts and front porches for candy buckets.

Witch Shacks

You'll find some spooky shacks in unnamed locations throughout the map, most ofen in wooded areas. Don't run by if you've yet to eat all your candy because they typically have a bucket laying out.

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