Fortnite, the most popular game on the planet now supports Ray Tracing technology

Fortnite, the most popular game on the planet now supports Ray Tracing technology

World's most popular Battle Royale adds Ray Tracing, DLSS and Reflex

Nvidia announced that Fortnite, the popular battle royale game with more than 350 million players, is about to get faster, more beautiful, and even more responsive on PC with the addition of groundbreaking NVIDIA technologies.

The game was featured as part of a GeForce special event where NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the new GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs.

Fortnite is now RTX on

NVIDIA RTX GPUs are the only ones on the market with hardware support for ray tracing and AI. Gamers will experience these features in all Fortnite modes, as well as in a special new Creative mode map, called RTX Treasure Run, which has been specifically designed to highlight ray tracing.

Here's how Fortnite is going to look better

Ray Tracing- The ray traced effects in fortnite will include Ray Traced Reflections, Ray Traced Shadows, Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion and Ray Traced Global Illumination. Ray Traced Reflections ensure game detail, characters, enemies, weapon effects, and more, perfectly reflected throughout the world.

Ray-Traced Shadows dynamically update as the time of day changes, with effectively infinite precision. Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion makes AO shadowing far more accurate, further improving Fortnite’s fidelity.

DLSS 2.0- NVIDIA DLSS accelerates performance, enabling gamers to experience ray tracing at higher resolutions and framerates on GeForce RTX GPUs. This will allow fortniters to experience Ray Tracing at high refresh rates and low response times.

NVIDIA Reflex- NVIDIA Reflex is a revolutionary suite of technologies that measure and optimize system latency in competitive games, making gameplay more responsive. With lower latency, you can acquire targets faster, react quicker, and improve your aim.

NVIDIA and Epic have worked together to incorporate NVIDIA Low Latency Reflex SDK. This will ensure that the game engine efficiently submits rendering work to your GPU, reducing latency and improving the responsiveness of gameplay

Fortnite RTX Showcase Map- To showcase the possibilities of ray tracing, NVIDIA has partnered with top Fortnite creators to make the RTX Treasure Run accessible in the creative mode.

Fortnite RTX will be coming soon to Fortnite Chapter 2- Season 4.

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