Fight Night Collection event announced for Apex Legends

Fight Night Collection event announced for Apex Legends

Video game publisher Electronic Arts have announced the Fight Night Collection Event for their popular battle-royale title- Apex Legends. The Fight Night collection Event is the first of 2021 and it will go live on January 5. This is the second event of Season 7 after Holo Day Bash which went live on December 4.

New year, a new event in Apex Legends

The Fight Night Collection Event features a new game-type, new cosmetics, a new heirloom, and several bug fixes.

New game-mode

A limited time mode called Airdrop Escalation will be taking over the regular Play Apex game mode. It will be a battle royale mode where there will more supply drops than you are used to. These dropped packages will contain a fully-kitted weapon of different tiers. There will be low tier weapons in the first round as the rounds progress, the packages will contain weapons of higher tier.

New cosmetics

The Fight Night Collection Event will introduce the players to another set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics which will be purchasable for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals and in Event Packs for the entire duration of the event. Event Packs will come with one event item and two non-event items. If you get an event item, there's a 50-50 chance of it being either epic or legendary whereas for non-event items, the chances of the item being rare 70%, epic- 20%, legendary-10%.

On collecting all 24 cosmetics, players will be rewarded with the Gibraltar Heirloom which will also be available after the event ends through heirloom crafting.

The event will also bring several "quality of life" and bug fixes to the game including weapon buffs. You can read the entire patch notes here. The Fight Night Collection Event will go live on January 5.

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