Female gamers are leveling the playfield across the world

Female gamers are leveling the playfield across the world

Gone are the days when if anyone said "Gamer", you would imagine a guy smashing his keyboard away try to get to the next level in his game. The concept of "Girl Gamer" was beyond imagination.

It was hard for people to imagine a woman sitting behind a computer playing games being fierce, competitive, and passionate. Times have changed. The number of Female Gamers is the highest it has ever been and it continues to rise.

Gaming- A lucrative business


Gaming is highly profitable. It you are a passionate streamer, putting in the time and effort to make your channel grow can yield great results. Not just streaming, female gamers are also competing at global tournaments on the highest level.

There are professional all women teams for games like CS:GO, DOTA2, LoL and Valorant. These players are backed by huge organizations are they working hard towards achieving their goal.

One of the reason behind this influx of women in the industry is the availability of resources. It's a good investment too. All you need is a decent PC, if you're into streaming you will need to get all the equipment needed and just start. YouTube and Twitch are two of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. All you need to do is make a channel and introduce yourself to the world.

Top female esport athletes have earned millions of dollars in tournament winnings, endorsements and sponsorships.

In Asia, more and more women are tapping into mobile gaming leagues. Mobile gaming not only offers the same level of fun and entertainment as PC gaming does, but it also maintains the same standard of competitiveness. Women are also standing alongside men at top tier tournaments not as gamers, but casters, analysists and admins.

An upward trend

Today, the number of female pros and streamers may be less than that of men but it sure won't be the same in the future. If the trend that is going on right now continues, there will be an equal number of women, if not more, in the gaming industry than men.

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