Xbox and Bethesda are expected to deliver on the future of gaming in 2021

Xbox and Bethesda are expected to deliver on the future of gaming in 2021

Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox is looking forward to working with Bethesda and making the Xbox the premier platform to play FPS and RPGs.

2020 was a pretty big year for the gaming community. For Xbox and Bethesda, 2021 is going to be a massively important year and a stepping stone towards the future of gaming. This is primarily because this year, Bethesda will join forces with Xbox to provide top of the line, triple A FPS and RPG titles.

In a recent Xbox podcast, CEO Phil Spencer spoke about what the future looks like for Xbox and Bethesda. Back in September 2020, Microsoft had purchased Zenimax studios, which has a slew of game studios, including Bethesda. The deal hasn't closed as of yet, but is final, and it is only a matter of time that we start seeing new games from studios.

Xbox Series Consoles are going to be the best place to play the latest games

Phil Spencer voiced his excitement at working with Bethesda and stated "Everything is on track. We'll start then really getting to some of the planning we can do with them. Right now we're really hands-off with them as they continue to do the work that they're doing, because we don't own them yet."

Bethesda already has a few exciting games up their sleeve. One game which Spencer said he is looking forward to is Starfield, Bethesda's upcoming space RPG, which we know very little about. At the same time, Spencer also stated that the addition of Bethesda and the other studios is a valuable addition to the strengths of Xbox and this year, Xbox and Bethesda will deliver on the future of gaming.

Spencer also stated that he is particularly excited about the FPS and RPG capability of not just the studios, but the consoles too. The studios will come up with wild ideas while the console will allow players to experience the best performance on such games.

Will Bethesda Games be Xbox Exclusive?

Simply put, there is no confirmation yet. Deathloop and Ghost Wire Tokyo- two games made by Bethesda- will remain PlayStation 5 exclusives, but after that, there's no telling if games will be available on platforms other than Microsoft's own.

Additionally, soon after the deal, Spencer had stated that while nothing is confirmed, taking games away from other platforms was not on their to-do list while buying the studios.

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