Stranded Deep is free on the Epic Games store for one day

Stranded Deep is free on the Epic Games store for one day

As a part of their holiday season event, Epic Games Store is giving away one free game every day for 15 days and today, players can claim the survival game Stranded Deep for free on the Epic Games Store till 9.30 PM IST.

Previously games like Alien Isolation, My Time in Portia, and Night in the Woods were free on the Epic Games Store. Players can start their oceanic adventure by getting their digital copies of Stranded Deep here.

Get Stranded Deep for free today

Stranded Deep is developed and published by Beam Team Games and was first launched as an early access version in January 2015 for Linux, macOS, Windows. The full version of the game was launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in April 2020. Few bugs and glitches were reported in the console version of the game but were immediately fixed in the update 1.02 which was released a week after launch. The game is still in early access for PC, Linux, and macOS.

Stranded Deep calls for your survival skills and requires you to have a strong gut as you are the lone survivor of a plane crash and are now stranded somewhere in the pacific ocean. Players can craft weapons, gather resources, build shelters, make rafts, and explore the vastness of the oceans while avoiding the perils that lie deep within. The game also features a giant eel, giant squid, and a megalodon shark which when killed, gives the player a trophy as a reward. Eventually, the player can escape through an aircraft which can be found on an abandoned ship.

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