Square Enix's Project Athia to be Playstation 5 exclusive for at least 2 years

Square Enix's Project Athia to be Playstation 5 exclusive for at least 2 years

Sony details future of games for its latest console- the Playstation 5.

Earlier this year, back in June, Sony showcased a slew of games for the then upcoming PlayStation 5. One of the games that caught a lot of attention despite being rather vague was Square Enix's Project Athia. The game comes from the makers of the Final Fantasy Series and more impressive titles.

Now, in a demo reel of upcoming games for their latest console, Sony confirmed that Project Athia will be a Playstation 5 console exclusive game for at least 24 months (2 years) from its launch. Basically, when the game comes out, it will be playable on PC, but not the Xbox Series consoles.

What is Project Athia?

As of now, very little is known about Square Enix's Project Athia. The game was showed off for less than a minute at Sony's presentation way back in June and since then, not a whole lot of information regarding the game has been given. From the looks of it, the game is set in a fantasy world with loads of different types of monsters. As of now, that is pretty much all the information we have about the game.

Games for PS5

Regarding upcoming Playstation 5 games, the same video also goes on to show which games will be PS5 exclusives, which will be PS exclusives (playable on PS4 also) and which will be available on other consoles soon. These games include Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, both of which will be PS5 exclusives for at least 12 months of the launch.

Apart from that, the video also confirms that GT7 will be a PS5 exclusive while the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West will be a Playstation exclusive, meaning that you can also play it on your PS4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is another game which has been confirmed as a PS5 exclusive.

These are just some of the confirmed games for the PS5. Games such as Hitman 3, Resident Evil 8, NBA2K21 and more are coming out for all platforms including the PS5.

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