Sony reveals PlayStation Plus games for the month of January

Sony reveals PlayStation Plus games for the month of January

Sony has revealed three games that will be available for free for PlayStation Plus members in the month of January. On the PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed that Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall will be available for PlayStation Plus members from January 5 - February 1.

Greedfall and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are the two PlayStation 4 titles where as Maneater is the PlayStation 5 version for players with PlayStation Plus membership. Let's take a look at these games.


Greedfall is an action RPG which was first released in September 2019. The player assumes the role of De Sardet who has arrived on a remote island with other settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters. The island is inhabited by locals who protect it with the help of supernatural beings and show no mercy to invaders. The game includes action, stealth and also offers the players choices to determine the course of the narrative of this game. Greedfall is a popular game that has sold over one million copies worldwide.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

From video game publisher Square Enix, the action-adventure game Shadow of the Tomb Raider was first released in 2018. You play as the iconic character Lara Croft who has embarked on a grand adventure across Central and Southern America. The game features a barter system where players can sell resources that they have gathered from the surrounding environment and can also rappel down cliffs, blend in the environment to avoid combat, hunt animals, and solve puzzles.


Action RPG Maneater is the newest game that Sony is offering in PlayStation Plus for this month. Maneater is developed and published by Tripwire Interactive and was released in May 2020. You play as a fierce maneater bull shark who is on a mission to hunt an infamous shark hunter named Scaly Pete. You can consume various nutrients and grow into a Megalodon and the game also offers various upgrades like external bone plates, shadow armor, and electromagnetic spikes that will help you gain an upper hand in combat.

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