Sony reveals PlayStation 5 UI, shows off quick resume feature and more

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 UI, shows off quick resume feature and more

Sony has finally given us an official look at the Playstation 5 User Interface. Fans were eagerly waiting for this hidden aspect of the PS5 and now, Sony has detailed it all in a newly released video, as we draw closer to the Playstation 5 release date.

In the video, Sony also showed off gameplay from their game, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Destruction Allstars. However, the video mainly focussed on new UI features and integration into the game. Here's what you need to know about the PS5 UI.

It's all about the game and the player

Sony's UI presentation heavily focused on the new features that will make playing a game easier than before. Sony showed off their all new Picture in Picture guide mode, easy access cards and quick access to in game activities.

Overall, the UI has been cleaned up to give a better overall look at the game, and all the information you need. The UI no longer feels cluttered, like the one on the PS4. The home screen has been revamped to show small icons of games with more relevant information about those games.

Some of the new features include cards, and quick actions, that can be pulled up while in game. These cards will show information about the game, how to get past a particular level or boss and more. Players will be able to snap one card alongside the game they are playing.

Sony's goal is to better integrate the player with the game as well as the UI of the console.

Sony also showcased the new party system, which has been made a lot more easier to join, create and share. You can simply join a player's lobby right from the PS5 home and jump into a game with them.

As far as parties are concerned, Sony has made loads of changes, one of them is that you can even watch a party member's game live in PiP mode.

Sony's design for the new PS5 UI is completely revamped and should give you a much better gaming experience. The UI will take advantage of the Playstation 5's high end hardware and provide users with a great gaming experience.

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