Sony announces a rescheduled date for their PS5 event

Sony announces a rescheduled date for their PS5 event

On June 04, 2020, Sony was supposed to give fans a look into the future of gaming- a look at games running on the PS5 and showcasing its technical prowess. A few days prior to the event, Sony cancelled the event in the light of the protest happening all over the USA.

Now, a few days after that, Sony has announced that their PS5 event will take place on 11th of June. So, here's what to expect from the event.

New games and games running on PS5 hardware

It is pretty apparent that Sony has made the PS5 one of the most powerful consoles yet. While we don't have a look at the console itself, prior information by Sony suggests that the console will pack in some serious fire power.

At the event, Sony may not show us the console itself, but they will show games running on PS5 hardware, so fans and buyers can know what to expect.

Earlier, with the Unreal Engine tech demo, we got a glimpse of what the PS5 was capable of and this time around, we can expect a lot more information regarding the PS5 and the games that will come out for it.

Interestingly, a senior director for Sony said that while watching the stream, it would be wise to use headphones, as they plan to showcase the all new 3D sound technology.

While Sony has given a date for the announcement of the PS5, fans would remember that CD Projekt Red's Night City wire was to take place on 11th June. However, that had been postponed to 25th June.

At any rate, it seems like June is really a great month to be a gamer.

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