Playstation 5 review roundup: Here's what critcs had to say about PS5

Playstation 5 review roundup: Here's what critcs had to say about PS5

A roundup of opinions from all reviews given by critics

Sony's Playstation 5 is coming out in just a bit over a week. By now, several publications which had got access to the Playstation 5 have detailed reviews of the PS5, most of which went live only yesterday. Naturally, the critics have a lot to say about the new console.

Here we take a look at what these reviews highlight and what are the key takeaway points. The PS5 reviews help us gauge the real-life performance and real-world usage of the console, which is a major deciding factor in whether you want to get the PS5 or the Xbox Series X.

PS5 Hardware and technical specifications

Speaking about the PS5's hardware, all critics and reviewers were drawn in by the massive size of the console. Each of them has detailed that this is by no means a small console and if you want to put it in your media centre, it's going to take up a lot of space.

On its side, the PS5 takes up more area than the PS4 Pro. Vertically, the console has no subtlety about it and stands tall as a monolith. If you do get one, you might just have to learn to love the out-of-place design.

The truly next-gen feature that Sony wants to push is SSD technology. Critics have already been praising this feature on the new console. In games such as Spider-Man Miles Morales and PS5 titles, you can load up your game and get going in no time.

On PS5 Software and UI

Critics were taken away by the design of the console, but the UI takes the whole Playstation experience to the next level. The UI in the PS5 doesn't only help you get into a game but also helps you while you are playing it.

The PS5 UI features were detailed earlier last month, but reviewers have stated that mostly, these UI additions are quite beneficial. For example, the progress and activity card feature was quite critically acclaimed by those who reviewed the console. The progress and activity cards help you out in the game if you are stuck and reveal hidden secrets on a particular level- if you choose to do so.

IGN's Luke Reilly states "The PS5 UI is significantly more elegant in a number of ways."

On PS5 Dualsense Controller

The PS5's controller has been touted as one of the best and most real next-generation features of the Playstation 5. The controller does away with the standard rumble, which was present in almost every game and replaces it with advanced haptic feedback which provides the player with a new level of immersion.

Additionally, critics were quite enthralled in by the advanced features of the adaptive triggers. In games such as Astro's Playroom, the feedback was quite prominent, which is a given, considering the game was developed to showcase the features in the Dualsense controller.

On other games, especially Spider-Man Miles Morales, the Dualsense is reactive, but not to a great extent. At any rate, the addition of these features is something that has us excited for the future games on the PS5.

A point to note about the controllers, which reviewers highlighted is that PS4 games will not make use of these features, which means that you will get a more traditional controller experience on PS4 games.

On PS5 Games

As of now, not a lot of games are out for the PS5, but at launch, you can enjoy titles such as Spider-Man Miles Morales, Godfall, Bugsnax, Demon's Souls and more. Spider-Man Miles Morales and Astro's Playroom are the only games which you can play on the console, considering it isn't even out yet.

Critics and reviewers have confirmed that the PS5 can run almost 90% of PS4 games. It includes exclusives as well as third party titles.

The best part is that the PS5 will upscale games and run them on increased FPS by default. Game developers can then push out updates to improve the overall performance of PS4 games on the PS5. The updates will also enable games to make use of controller features.

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