New Ghostwire Tokyo information reveals key aspect: You can pet the dogs!

New Ghostwire Tokyo information reveals key aspect: You can pet the dogs!

During the PS5 announcement back in June, one of the games that we were looking forward to the most was Ghostwire Tokyo. The game has a mysterious vibe around it.

Now, new information about the game has come to light as part of the ongoing QuakeCon at Home. The developers have revealed a key aspect of the game- that you will be able to pet the dogs in the game.

A snippet of info on a much awaited next generation game

What was once a feature found very rarely is now something that is making its way into bigger AAA titles of this year and the coming generation of video games. Animals have been around in games for a while now, but the trend of getting friendly with them is relatively new.

In Ghostwire Tokyo, you will be able to take a break from the scary, mysterious and enigmatic version of Tokyo and pet a number of dogs around the city. Surely, this will be a great stressbuster.

Since the developers have given us in game footage of the same, we can safely say that the animations, world and design looks A tier- just what you'd expect from an upcoming PS5 title.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was revealed last year at E3 with a memorable presentation from Mikami and Ghostwire's creative director at the time, Ikumi Nakamura, who left the project in September of last year.

Earlier this year, Tango released a new trailer, which Mikami references in the dog petting video above. You can watch that below.

Ghostwire will release for PC and PS5 sometime next year.

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