New Apex Legends character revealed and new map hinted

New Apex Legends character revealed and new map hinted

Electronic Arts has given us a good look at Apex Legend's upcoming Legend- Horizon ahead of its Season 7 release next week. As revealed in a new episode of 'Stories from the Outlands', Dr. Mary Somers finds herself flung nearly 100 years into the future after her partner betrays her and leaves her to die at the edge of the known universe.

According to the Apex Legends short, her goal is to return to her home planet to Olympus- also home to Octane and Lifeline, and reunite with her son. Since the Apex Games are shifting to Olympus, it seems like joining the Legends would be her best bet at learning about time travel and finally meet her son.

Horizon to join the Apex Games next week

As of now, we don't really know what her abilities will consist of. From the Stories from the Outlands short however, we can safely assume that her abilities and powers have quite a lot to do with quantum mechanics and all that techy stuff.

It will certainly be interesting how Horizon, or Dr. Mary Somers will shake up the Apex Games, not just in terms of her abilities and powers, but also in the relationship between the various Legends. From a lore perspective, she may be key into unraveling some of the strangest mysteries that have confounded players for a long time.

Apart from that, some other interesting information about Apex Legends was also revealed.

The new season will start on a new map called Olympus (the new location of the Apex Games was teased in Season 5), before moving to World's Edge for the seasonal split planned for December 15. Kings Canyon will not be in play this season, but will return down the road.

The update also clarifies how ranked points will work now that crossplay is enabled. "Console players that are opted in to crossplay will matchmake against all other console players. Everyone in the pool is still sorted by total RP count as usual. This increased player population should help keep matchmaking times short," it says.

Apex Legends season 7 will hit all major platforms on November 4 and will also be available on Steam.

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