Monster Hunter Rise announced for Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise announced for Nintendo Switch

Assuming the role of a fictional character and exploring the open world sure has an alluring appeal to it. That is one of the major reasons why RPG- or Role Playing Games are a huge hit among gamers.

A new game has joined the queue of upcoming story-rich, graphically enhanced Role Playing Games. The game is Monster Hunter Rise and it has been announced for Nintendo Switch, to be released on March 26, 2021.

Introducing a new companion in this action RPG

Capcom is the developer and publisher of the Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter Rise- their latest venture for the Nintendo Switch, was announced yesterday at the Nintendo Direct Mini.

The game introduces many new aspects in this open-world RPG. This includes the "Palamute" which is a new rideable companion that will also help you in combat. Palicoes, Hunter's most reliable comrades also make a return. Single Player mode allows players to use any combination of the two companions, while multiplayer will allow only one combination.

Four New monsters are also introduced in the game: Magnamalo- a Fanged Wyvern and the main monster of the game, Aknosom- a fiercely territorial bird Wyvern, Great Izuchi- another bird Wyvern with a tail in the shape of a scythe and finally, Tetranadon- an extremely gluttonous, gigantic amphibian who eats everything that moves.

A "Wirebug" has also been introduced which will help the player not only to move around, but also to be combined with weapons for special combos.

Releasing on Nintendo Switch

Hunt whenever you want in the vast world and ultimately, save the village of Kamura from the calamity.

Monster Hunter Rise releases on Nintendo Switch on 26 March, 2021.

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