Microsoft's Xbox app for iOS now updated to support remote play

Microsoft's Xbox app for iOS now updated to support remote play

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been working towards creating a better gaming ecosystem on all mobiles. This includes iPhones, where gaming can be somewhat of an issue due to Apple's app store policies and whatnot.

However, Microsoft has gone ahead and updated the Xbox app on iOS to support remote play. This means that gamers with an iPhone can easily blend their gaming ecosystem into their smartphones.

Console like gaming on the go now on your iPhone

The Redmond based tech giant has updated its Xbox app for iOS with a new user interface and a new feature. Gamers can now play their Xbox games on their iPhones along with a controller.

However, this requires a strong, fast and extremely stable wifi connection, so be sure you have that before you get into it. Interestingly, this is a feature that is going to work on current generation Xboxes and in future generations as well.

A key point to note here is that Xbox users will also be able to stream games on to their iPads. With a great compact display, the iPad could be a great tool to utilize if you are into game streaming over local connections.

In an effort to streamline console setup for the first time, Microsoft has updated the app with a new UI, some added functionality and made it easy to navigate. Reportedly, this is said to help with set up of next gen consoles.

Microsoft rolled out a similar update- for game streaming, on Android devices earlier last week.

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