Marvel's Spiderman Remastered update brings Performance Ray Tracing mode

Marvel's Spiderman Remastered update brings Performance Ray Tracing mode

A couple of months back, Insomniac games had announced that they would be releasing a fully optimized version of their popular Spiderman game for the PS5- Spiderman Remastered. The game came out to the public along with Spiderman Miles Morales back in November and has now received an update.

The highlight of update v1.002 is the addition of performance RT mode specifically for the PS5. Here's what you need to know about Spiderman Remastered running on the performance RT mode.

Run Spiderman Remastered at 60FPS with Ray Tracing on your PS5

The new mode on Spiderman Remastered is called Performance RT mode and it joins the likes of two existing game modes- Fidelity and Performance mode. The performance mode of the game focuses on high resolution image quality while giving the player a stable 60FPS experience. The fidelity mode on the other hand has been fine tuned to make use of the PS5's ray tracing capabilities. This mode turns on Ray Tracing but gives you a 30FPS experience while providing realistic reflections, shadows and light effects.

The Performance RT mode which has been added with update v 1.002 of the game takes things further. This allows users to play the game at 60FPS while having the goodness of ray tracing technology on. Playing a high speed action game like Spiderman is a joy at 60FPS and now, you get to see 60FPS with ray tracing on.

The game achieves this feat by cutting down on image resolution in some areas, reducing the number of pedestrians in the street and reflection quality.

Apart from that, the update v1.002 also fixes a few issues regarding the photo mode of the game, some minor bugs and a number of animation issues. Overall, the game has also got a slew of quality of life improvements which will impact your play through for the better.

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