How powerful is the PS5? We compare it to high end PCs that stand the test of time

How powerful is the PS5? We compare it to high end PCs that stand the test of time

Now that the PS5 has been shown to the public, comparisons are surely in order. Sony gave us a glimpse of what was possible with the PS5 in their live event today.

It seems like the PS5 will be able to give proper high end PCs a run for their money. So, we compare the PS5 to some of the most high end gaming components today.


The first thing to note about the PS5 is that it will make use of ultra high speed SSDs. Earlier, there was some controversy surrounding this as many assumed that Sony stated that the PS5 would be more powerful than any PC.

What they did say was that the SSDs will be faster than anything on a PC. While this may seem like a stretch, it is actually true. The architecture of the PS5 SSDs allows it to be a lot faster than a conventional M.2 NVMe SSD.

Ray Tracing and Graphical Capability

In the PS5 demo, we got a good look at some of the RTX tech that they are using. In games such as Godfall, Ratchet and Clank, Hitman III and more, the graphical quality was simply phenomenal.

The ray tracing tech looks comparable to any high end PC out in the market today, meaning that PCs will be getting stiff competition from the PS5.

All in all, all the games have a vastly improved graphical quality when compared to PS4 games. However, we don't know how well the console performs under stress and pressure.


When talking about tech, you have to talk about the design. While there are some crazy PC builds out there, the PS5 certainly has a more different design approach. This is something that looks like it was built for the future, whereas most PCs are just tall cabinets with RGB lighting.

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