Here's all you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series S

Here's all you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series S

By now, you have probably heard that Microsoft will release not one, but two next generation consoles. One of these consoles, the Xbox Series S will be a digital only console and should be priced much less than its bigger brother.

So, here's all we know right now about the Xbox Series S, its launch, price and more.

The future will be digitized

Going by rumors and leaks, the Xbox Series X will be a fairly large console. The Series S on the other hand will be a much smaller, compact console catering to the needs of many, rather than one. This is because it does away with a disc tray.

Before the Xbox Series X was announced, Microsoft codenamed its next-gen console plan “Project Scarlett.” There were two rumored models of Scarlett: Anaconda and Lockhart. Microsoft has confirmed that Anaconda was referring to the Series X and now, we know that Lockhart is the Series S console.

Sony, Microsoft's biggest gaming competitor, is also releasing two PlayStation 5 variants with one of them being a presumably cheaper digital-only version. While Sony has already confirmed it plans to ship two consoles in the fall, Microsoft has yet to say a word about the Series S.

The price tag that is attached to the Series S will make or break the console. Both the Series X and PS5 are expected to be very pricey, upwards of $499.99. In that regard, the digital only versions will be cheaper, so you can expect them to be anywhere around $399-449.

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