Ghostrunner is getting a hardcore mode with tougher enemies and new levels

Ghostrunner is getting a hardcore mode with tougher enemies and new levels

Ghostrunner is one of the latest action games to take on the cyberpunk gaming genre. The game came out back in October 2020 and it has been one of the best underrated gems. The game is a first person action platformer adventure with a focus on melee combat, verticality, fast paced action and a futuristic neon setting.

Now, a couple of months after the release of the game, the game is getting a new DLC in the shape of a Hardcore mode. The Hardcore mode of the game will add tougher, more high level enemies to the game and new neon lined levels while keeping the crisp and satisfying combat intact.

What you need to know about Ghostrunner's Hardcore mode

On normal difficulty, Ghostrunner is by no means an easy game. The fast paced action and platforming goes hand in hand in this game, meaning that you have to be really fluid in your movements. With the hardcore mode, enemies are tougher, require more hits to fall back and there will be new levels as well.

According to co-publishers 505 Games and All In Games, hardcore mode ramps up the difficulty up considerably. However, the mode can only be accessed after you complete the base game. Once you do, you can run through again to take on "altered level designs as well as tougher enemies from the beginning."

The reason that you need to complete the base game first is most likely so that you are comfortable with the game's mechanics and movement systems. The hardcore mode will require you to make the most of your weapons and quick movements to take down stronger enemies.

The hardcore mode will be free for owners of Ghostrunner, but later in the month, there will be a paid winter pack DLC which will add an icy katana and a red coloured festive glove. The paid DLC will cost $1.99.

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