Fortnite's Season 5 Week 4 Challenges leaked by dataminers

Fortnite's Season 5 Week 4 Challenges leaked by dataminers

Dataminers have leaked the Week 4 challenges of Fortnite's Season 5. Season 5 went live on December 2 and every week, developer Epic Games holds challenges that can be completed to earn XP which can be used to progress on the Battle Pass.

Epic Games offers a variety of challenges each week, and is also adding new content to keep things interesting in the game. Recently, Epic Games added Black Panther, Captain America, and Taskmaster in the Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack, and earlier this month, God of War Kratos was also introduced as a playable skin.

Epic and Legendary challenges

Season 5 Week 4 will have 7 Epic or Weekly Challenges for a total of 20,000 XP and 1 Legendary Challenge with 5 stages for a total of 55,000 XP.

Epic / Weekly Challenges (20,000 XP)

  • Eliminations within 5m (1)

  • Eliminations while below 50 health (1)

  • Eliminations at full health and shields (1)

  • Destroy enemy structures with a pickaxe (10)

  • Damage opponents with a pickaxe (100)

  • Collect a tomato basket from a nearby farm (1)

  • Ignite and dance at a Tomato Shrine near Pizza Pit or Pizza Food Truck (1)

In the weekly challenges, players will be required to eliminate 3 other players with different conditions. 2 challenges require you to use a pickaxe and the remaining two are related to tomatoes, which won't be difficult if you know where to go.

Legendary Challenge (Limited Time Only / 55,000 XP)

  • Damage from above (4,000/8,000/12,000/16,000/20,000)

Legendary Challenge is available for a limited time only. In this week's legendary challenge, which is in 5 stages, players have to deal damage equal to the numbers shown in the bracket, and they have to it from above.

Fortnite's Season 5 Week 4 Challenges leaked by dataminers
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