First Sony PlayStation 5 hands on videos show off gameplay and controller

First Sony PlayStation 5 hands on videos show off gameplay and controller

As we draw closer to the Playstation 5 launch date, more and more information about the console is coming to light. A few Japanese YouTubers were given access to the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, along with some of its new features. Here's what was revealed at the first Playstation 5 console and Playstation 5 controller hands on experience.

As part of the showcase, the YouTubers showed gameplay footage from upcoming PS5 titles such as Godfall and Astro's Playroom, along with the hardware of the console and the controller as well. Incidentally, we already know all about the Playstation 5 price and the Playstation 5 specifications. However, there are still a range of things that we don't know about the PS5, despite all new hands on videos.

A first look at next generation of Playstation consoles

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According to the Japanese YouTubers who got a hold of the console for a preview, the SSD really has made a difference in load times. One of the previewers went on to state that this is perhaps the most next gen feature of the PS5.

Additionally, they also claimed that the PS5 runs extremely silent and cool. Judging by that, it would be safe to assume that Sony has worked tirelessly at keeping the thermal performance of the console in check. From the design of the console itself, it can be seen that Sony has gone for a futuristic yet functional design. (See air vents in middle part of console)

From the hands on previews and prior leaks, viewers have figured out the size of the console. According to reports, the PS5 is quite bigger than even the Xbox Series X console, which is rather massive in itself.

Moving on to the controller of the Playstation 5, the Dualsense, its features were revealed by Sony a while ago, but previewers have stated that the adaptive triggers really add to the immersion of any game. Apart from that, the Dualsense controller features a new design, which is reportedly more comfortable in the hand than previous Playstation controllers.

While Sony gave influencers hands on preview of the console, there were certain embargos. For example, we still have no idea what the UI of the console looks like, nor do we know what the new 'Create' button on the controller does.

Most likely, Sony is waiting for the perfect time to reveal these through official channels, meaning that these could be some of the most interesting PS5 features.

The Sony PS5 will launch in several areas of the world on November 12 and will be globally available starting November 19, 2020.

Check out more high resolution images of the PS5 here.

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