Fall Guys receives mid-season update featuring new rounds, bug fixes and more

Fall Guys receives mid-season update featuring new rounds, bug fixes and more

Mediatonic released a mid-season update for their popular battle royale game Fall Guys. Fall Guys Season 2 went live last month revolving around a medieval theme and brought new rounds, random outfit generator and more to the game.

The mid-season update which is being called Season 2.5 features various improvements, round variations, and an entirely new stage known as Big Fans. With this update, Mediatonic has also fixed some nagging issues which were pointed out by the community.

Fall Guys Season 2.5 features

Big Fan


One of the biggest features added with this update is the new Big Fan round. Located in between the clouds, this map is filled with rotating blades that leaves little to no space for maneuver. Checkpoints across the map will save you from plummeting down the map.

Round variations

The update also brings variations to the Season 2 medieval theme rounds as well as classic rounds. The team at Mediatonic has added a variety of obstacles that will pop up randomly on the rounds and this element of surprise has been introduced to keep things fresh in the game. You can also expect to see giant fruits rolling down towards you.

Other fixes and Improvements

Other than introducing a new round and round variations, Mediatonic has also addressed some crucial issues of the game like fixing a bug where players unfairly fell through tiles in the final round of Hex-A-Gone. Additionally, the update brings a new Player Name system, a new language selection option and the choice to select the desired server region. You can read the entire patch notes for Season 2.5 update from the Mediatonic developer team here.

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