Epic Games release update 15.20 for Fortnite addressing several bugs

Epic Games release update 15.20 for Fortnite addressing several bugs

Game developer Epic Games has released update 15.20 for their popular multiplayer title Fortnite. The update features bug fixes in several areas of the game.

However, the more interesting things about the update are all the information that data miners have dug out and the speculation it has caused among the Fortnite community.

Fortnite update 15.20 bug fixes

Ice lake maps will no longer have a rectangular cutout in the center. Epic Games has also fixed an issue that caused Husks to be stuck at one place. They have also fixed an issue that caused vehicles to move backwards after the player exited them. Additionally, map information on matchmaking portals is now blocked by walls, and Agency Lower Level prefab no longer has pieces that break upon placement on the ground.

You can read the entire bug fixes of update 15.20 here.

Is The Predator coming to Fortnite?

Twitter user and popular Fortnite data miner HYPEX has discovered a new spray and banner featuring The Predator. Epic Games has even added a crashed spaceship in the Stealthy Stronghold and it looks like something The Predator would pilot!

Nothing has been confirmed by the developer yet, but if the speculations are true, we might soon see The Predator added to Fortnite as a secret battle pass skin.

Fortnite leaked skins

Three new skins have been leaked by HYPEX:

  • Orin who is supposedly the long lost twin of Lexa

  • Ruby Shadows

  • Tess

New weapons

The Hop Rock Dualies are coming in Fortnite. They are similar to the previous dualies and deal 43 damage upon hitting. The Hop Rock dualies will have a magazine size of 18 and will take 2.7 seconds to reload.

Cowboy Repeater Rifle is added in Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary variants. This is a lever action shotgun and fans have noticed that The Terminator used a similar kind of gun. Maybe The Terminator will be joining The Predator in Fortnite?

Apart from that, there are also new cosmetics, weapon skins and emotes which have been added to the game.

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