eFootball PES League to kick-off the esports scene in December

eFootball PES League to kick-off the esports scene in December

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eFootball players in India are in for a pleasant surprise. The eFootball League 2020-21 is kicking off this December and now is your time to get into tournament mode.

For the uninitiated, the eFootball League is an esports tournament that welcomes competitors of all skills levels. The league's inaugural 2019-20 season was a tremendous success and saw a fantastic turnout from established esports athletes, aspiring esports players and casual gamers.

Get your consoles out and start practising for eFootball League 2020-21

The eFootball League will be returning this year with a scheduled kickoff date sometime in early December. Like last season, the tournament will be divided into two categories: eFootball Pro- the professional tournament aimed at elite esports players; and eFootball Open- an amateur tournament open to all comers.

The eFootball Pro was a huge success last season. The Pro tournament garnered over 15 million times by users from all over the globe. Since the eFootball Open tournament is for all entrants proved to be a runaway success, amassing an impressive 1.44 million entrants worldwide.

Winners of the eFootball Open World Finals received shout-outs on social media from the clubs that they represented.

eFootball PES 2020-21 Season offers lucrative rewards

This time around, for the upcoming 2020-21 season, there is a lot of hype surrounding it. The tournament was confirmed by eFootball PES earlier this week via their Twitter handles.

eFootball PES 2020-21 features awards which are given out to the players each match day for things like MVP and top goal-scorer, and the clubs receive prize money according to their final ranking at the end of the tournament.

For the eFootball.Open, awards include shout-outs on social media platforms from the club they represented and may also be considered for future eFootball.Pro tournaments.

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