EA confirms FIFA 21 launch for October

EA confirms FIFA 21 launch for October

At the EA Play Showcase event this week, the company announced an all new FIFA game, FIFA 21. At the Showcase, EA also confirmed that this game would take all the advantages of next generation consoles.

Interestingly, EA also stated that the game would come to Steam, when FIFA 21 releases on October 03.

What's new this time?

The next instalment of the FIFA series was unveiled via a trailer shared with the previously-announced Madden NFL 21. According to EA, this year's game will benefit from the upcoming new consoles.

These consoles are of course, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X. In particular, if you play using a DualSense controller, on a PS5, be prepared for some advanced haptic feedback.

There's also a "new deferred lighting system," more detailed player models, and spatialized audio technology. EA has gone ahead and put a few more interesting mechanics in the game which should make for more interesting matches.

For FIFA 21, EA will be making use of "player humanization," which means that the game will allow players to behave more authentically—celebrating goals harder, raging against bad decisions and more.

To make the game seem as authentic as possible, the game will rely on SSDs and ray tracing technology on PCs, Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5. Needless to say, the graphics of this game will be as immersive as possible.

Realistic lighting and new environments will be a feature of the latest edition of FIFA 21.

Early access to the game with Origin

While announcing the game, EA also stated that Origin Access owners would get an early pass into the game. The company did not specify exact details on this matter.

FIFA 21 will come out for all platforms on October 03, 2020

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