Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch goes official

Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch goes official

If you're looking to expand your Nintendo Switch game catalogue, Doom Eternal is a good pick

Doom Eternal for the Nintendo Switch is finally out. The game is one of the best action shooters of the year and it came out in March for all major platforms- Windows PC, Xbox Consoles and the Playstation 4. The Nintendo Switch port for the game has been developed by Panic Button, who, in the past, have given us quality ports of games such as Doom 2016, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Warframe and more.

It must be noted that the Nintendo Switch port of Doom Eternal does come with a few compromises and caveats. The Nintendo Switch is by no means a console as powerful as the offerings from Sony and Microsoft, but it does manage to run Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch is a good way to play Doom on the go

Perhaps the best part about the Nintendo Switch is that you can play your favourite games on the handheld console on the go. By far, the best reason to have Doom Eternal on a Switch is for this reason alone- to play it on the go.

Doom Eternal is a game best enjoyed at high FPS. On the Switch however, you can see where the corners have been cut to make the game light in order to get it running on a handheld consoles. While the core gameplay, story and essential visuals have been carried over, the shooting, the slight lack of high octane action are noticeable.

The main drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch version are the low resolutions and the artistic vision which is lost. To Panic Button's credit, they have ensured that the game runs at a constant 30FPS at all times, but the visuals do take away a little bit from the whole experience.

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