Capcom showcases two more weapons from Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom showcases two more weapons from Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom has released two more trailers showcasing new weapons that we will see in their upcoming action RPG title Monster Hunter Rise. Yesterday, we saw The Dual Blade and The Bow with their own silkbind attacks, and this The Lance and The Long Sword are two new weapons that will be added to the game.

Monster Hunter Rise was first announced back in September at the Nintendo Direct Mini. Monster Hunter Rise is another addition in the Monster Hunter Series and is scheduled to release on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

The Lance

The Lance is an iconic weapon that was used in Jousting and now makes an appearance in Monster Hunter Rise. The two silkbind attacks of The Lance are Twin Vine which ties you to your enemy which allows you to evade them and quickly close the gap between them when required and Anchor Rage where you stab the enemy with increased damage.

The Long Sword

The Long Sword is the second weapon revealed and it can be used to hack-and-slash through your enemies. Soaring Kick is a silkbind attack of this weapon where the player jumps high and strikes down the enemies. Another silkbind attack is Serene Pose where an incoming attack is countered.

The "Wirebug" has been introduced in Monster Hunter Rise and it will help the player not only to move around, but it can also be combined with weapons for special combos. A Nintendo Switch exclusive, Monster Hunter Rise also features a new pet and new monsters.

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