Capcom releases trailers showcasing two new weapons from Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom releases trailers showcasing two new weapons from Monster Hunter Rise

Japanese video game publisher and developer Capcom who is currently working on their upcoming action RPG title Monster Hunter Rise, have revealed two new weapons from the game. The Dual Blade and The Bow are two new weapons that will be introduced in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise was first announced back in September at the Nintendo Direct Mini. Monster Hunter Rise is another addition in the Monster Hunter Series and is scheduled to release on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

The Dual Blade

The Dual Blades are a set of sharp blades that the player can use to inflict deep, sharp cuts on the monsters. The Dual Blades features two silkbind attacks- Shrouded Vault and Piercing Bind which can be used to deal extra damage.

The Bow

With The Bow, players can rapidly and accurately strike enemies with sharp arrows or shower them with a volley of arrows. The Bow also features two silkbind attacks- Herculean Draw where iron silk is used to draw the arrow and the other silkbind attack is the Focus Shot.

Monster Hunter Rise will be Capcom's Nintendo Switch exclusive and will be coming out in March next year. The game introduces us to new aspects like the Palamute which is a new rideable companion that is introduces in the game and it will also help you in combat. Monster Hunter Rise also features four new monsters- Magnamalo, Aknosom, Great Izuchi, and Tetranadon. A "Wirebug" has also been introduced which will help the player not only to move around, but also to be combined with weapons for special combos

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