Apex Legends is going to tease new content in the game via a "Stories from the Outlands" trailer

Apex Legends is going to tease new content in the game via a "Stories from the Outlands" trailer

Apex Legends players are in for a treat before the end of 2020. On their official twitter account, Respawn Entertainment teased a new episode of their animated shorts- Stories from the Outlands. Respawn Entertainment's popular battle royale shooter, Apex Legends is getting a lore update.

These animated shorts give us a glimpse into life in the Outlands, and mostly give us an indepth look at the Legends themselves and how they came to be in the Apex Games. The newest "Stories from the Outlands" short is expected to premier tomorrow and it could take a deep dive into Caustic's backstory.

Apex Legend's animated short is coming tomorrow

The animated short is called Fight Night and its thumbnail shows that someone seems to be surveilling Caustic.

Speculations are going around that the animated short will give a sneak peek into the lives of Caustic and Pathfinder before they joined the Apex games.

While there is no confirmation on whether Pathfinder will make an appearance, Caustic's photo appears in the teaser image posted by Apex Legends. Most likely, this episode will revolve around him.

To detail, the scientist is sporting an undercut and a white hazmat suit, however, which may mean that it's an old picture from his time as Alexander Nox.

As for Pathfinder's role in the short, earlier this week, players spotted Pathfinder billboards in Olympus— and some of the posters mentioned a “Fight Night.” The robot's past also includes a stint as a fighter before joining the Apex Games, which explains the origin of his heirloom set.

In the past, we have had "Stories from the Outlands" episodes regarding Bloodhound, Wraith, Wattson and Horizon to just name a few. Each of these shorts tell us about the actions that led to these legends joining the Apex games.

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