5 games coming out in July 2020 that you need to look out for

5 games coming out in July 2020 that you need to look out for

2020 has been perhaps one of the biggest years for gaming in a long time. We've had some phenomenal games come out this year with several more down the pipeline.

Not only that, 2020 will also give us a look at the future of console gaming. We already know that the upcoming console generations have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. So, while you wait, here are the top 5 games coming out in July 2020 that you need to look out for.

Ghost of Tsushima

This is a game that is not only the most anticipated game of July, but for the entire first half of 2020. The game was teased a few years back in 2017 and since then, it has come a long way.

The game features incredible environments packed with loads of secrets. You can live out your samurai fantasy in this game to the fullest extent. Ghost of Tsushima will come out for the PS4 on July 17, 2020.

Death Stranding (PC)

While Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding had been released for the PS4 in 2019, it didn't make an appearance on PCs. Now, however, the game is set to come out for PC on July 14, 2020.

The game takes you on a journey through a post apocalyptic version of America. In the game, you play as Sam 'Porter' Bridges and help rebuild a future for humanity.

Iron Man VR

The PSVR is an underrated piece of hardware. Not only is it a great entry point for VR gaming, but Sony also has a good exclusive library of games.

The newest addition to that library is Iron Man VR that puts players in a very real Iron Man suit. Then, you can take to the skies and save the world. The best part is that you get to perform some slick aerial moves, while also being able to customize your Iron Man suit to make it more personal.

Skater XL

For those of you who enjoy playing score based arcade style games, this one should come as a nice surprise. Skater XL takes the smooth skateboarding feel of the previous games and packs it in with a few tweaks.

The game certainly has an all new look and feel to it. If you're really excited to play this game, you can grab the Early Access version right now on Steam. Skater XL comes out on PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch on July 07, 2020.

F1 2020

After a long time, simulation racing fans are getting what they wanted- an all new F1 game. F1 2020 not only kicks up the notch with cutting edge graphics and realistic lighting, but by making driving feel as real as possible.

So, if you have a racing simulation set-up with you, this game is well worth your time and money. F1 2020 will come out for PC, PS4, Xbox One on July 10, 2020.

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