26 September "Outbreak Day" to be rebranded as "The Last of Us Day"

26 September "Outbreak Day" to be rebranded as "The Last of Us Day"

September 26 is an exciting day for everyone in the Last os Us fandom. In the Last of Us world, 26 September is known as "Outbreak Day". It is the day when the cordyceps fungus hit critical mass.

This year though, Naughty Dog announced that they will be renaming "Outbreak Day" to "Last of Us day" owing to the onslaught of the COVID19 pandemic.

The "Outbreak Day" date represents much more than fictional lore

The Last of Us is a PlayStation exclusive, singleplayer action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The story takes us through a post-apocalyptic world and the player has through pave through sewers, buildings and forests to advance through.

Since 2013, Last of Us holds an annual event on 26 September named "Outbreak Day" and it marks the day when the cordyceps fungus hit critical mass. The event is celebrated by releasing exclusive new merchandise, content and special promotions.

This year however, Naughty Dog took to twitter to announce that they will be rebranding "Outbreak Day" as "The Last of Us Day" as the world faces the COVID19 Pandemic.

"This Saturday and moving forward, September 26 will be known as The Last of Us Day- a name that not only acknowledges the world around us, but also reflects the growth of the community as we welcome millions of new players with the release of The Last of Us Part II."

More exciting things to follow

Naughty Dog ended the tweet saying that they will be sharing a lot of exciting things in the days to come.

While The Last of Us is available in singleplayer and multiplayer as well, The Last of US Part II is only available as a singleplayer game. It will be interesting if Naughty Dog announces the multiplayer version for Last of Us Part II in their future announcements.

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