Chaos and fun multiplied by 100 in this Among Us mod

Chaos and fun multiplied by 100 in this Among Us mod

Popular online multiplayer game Among Us is all the rage right now. Developed and Published by InnerSloth, Among Us was first released in June 2018, and two years later, it has become everyone's favourite quarantine game. The game is usually played among 4-10 people but popular streamer Socksfor1 has created a modded server where 100 people can join to play the game.

A social deduction game where crew members hustle to fix their spaceship and one of them is an imposter whose job is to eliminate those crew members and sabotage their tasks. Between 4-10 people, you might think it's easy but it's really not. Now imagine the chaos with 100 crew members among which 10 are imposters.

Among Us is now one of the most-watched and streamed games on Twitch and YouTube. Among Us is available on iOS, Android and, Microsoft Windows through the Steam store.

Mostly chaos, less fun

Communication is vital in Among Us as you try to guess who the imposter might be and then vote to kick them out. It might sound easy in 10 player game but in a crowd of 100 players where 10 of them are imposters, it gets difficult to identify the imposter and eventually, some innocent crew member gets kicked based on minimal information.

This is not an official mod which you can access in the game. You can play it on a modded server created by Socksfor1. If you want to be a part of the 100, head over to Socksfor1's Discord channel. But you won't be able to join the mod as soon as you join. You will first have to reach Level 5 within the server itself to gain access to 100-player Among Us.

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