Call of Duty Mobile community update to launch with Season 13 tomorrow

Call of Duty Mobile community update to launch with Season 13 tomorrow

Activision is all set to launch Season 13 for Call of Duty Mobile. Season 13 which is called Winter War will be launched along with a community update on December 21 at 4 PM PT, December 22 at 5.30 AM IST featuring new operators, new maps, new operator skills, and more.

The Season 13 battle pass will also be available tomorrow during the season launch itself and it will have some exclusive rewards. Let's take a look at new additions and improvements that will be introduced in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13

Earlier this month, Activision teased new content that was going to be added in Season 13. It has been confirmed that a new snow-laden Raid map is being introduced along with a brand new Peacekeeper MK2 blueprint. Other than the Peacekeeper MK2-Blast off blueprint, other weapon blueprints like Man-O-War - Pack Leader, RUS-79U - Troika, BY15 - Top Dog, GKS - Pack Warrior will also be added.

A new base weapon QXR is also available as a reward for completing challenges and missions. Season 13 update also features new operators: Ghost - Dark Vision, Golem - Siberia, Adler - Mountain Drab, Park – Safehouse along with a new calling Card: Loose Ends

New ranked series

Ranked Series 8: Avalanche is now live and will run till February 9, 2021. The new ranked mode will have rewards like Fennec- Midnight blueprint in multiplayer mode a new operator Reznov- Winterwood in battle royale mode.

New Map, new weapon attachments

Two new maps will be added in Season 13 update. The first one is a new Nuketown map called Nuketown Russia which will be available for Frontline, Team Death Match, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, Frind, and more.

The second map is the Holiday Raid which will be available for Team Death Match, Search & Destroy, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, and more.

New weapon attachments include Elite Foregrip for the BK57 assault rifle which improves recoil and a Rapid Fire Peek for Razorback SMG which increases fire rate

New game modes

Two new multiplayer game modes- Grind which is a classic Call of Duty game mode where players are required to collect dog tags and bring them to the objective to score points. Grind mode will be available on Nuketown, Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, Summit, Scrapyard, Rust, Hackney Yard, and Nuketown Russia maps.

Cookie Confirmed is a special 10 vs 10 Kill Confirmed holiday mode which will be available on Crossfire, Firing Range, Takeoff, Meltdown, Rust, Tunisia, Shipment, Terminal, and Hackney Yard.

The community update and Season 13 update will feature a couple changes to the game including weapons buffs/nerfs, bug fixes, balancing, and improvements in multiplayer and battle royale modes of the game. You can read the entire patch notes here.

Call of Duty Mobile community update to launch with Season 13 tomorrow
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