BlitzkreigXP launches Valorant Wednesdays in partnership with Western Digital

BlitzkreigXP launches Valorant Wednesdays in partnership with Western Digital

A unique one-to-one format, packed with engagements, conversations, contests and giveaways for the viewers.

BlitzkreigXP (BXP) in collaboration with WD Black today announced Valorant Wednesdays- a series of weekly streams where the BXP stream team will be streaming Valorant, a first-person shooter PC game, every Wednesday.

The Valorant Wednesdays streams will be stepping away from the conventional one-to-many streaming format and exploring a more experiential, one-to-one episode packed with engagements, conversations, contests and exciting WD merchandise giveaways for the viewers, forging a more meaningful and enhanced stream consumption phenomenon.

BlitzkriegXP will also be hosting monthly CODM scrims with WD Black that will increase engagement amongst mobile gamers.

Blitzkreig XP partners with Western Digital

BlitzkriegXP is partnering with Western Digital in order to host Valorant Wednesdays. The two brands will be working together to captivate the community with experiential first content and set esports engagement milestones like never before.

In a press release, Alvin D’Souza, Founder and Managing Director, BlitzkriegXP said, “At a time when the entire Esports industry has been shaken due to the PUBG ban, a strategic collaboration with a powerful brand reinstates the energy within the community. As we advance one step closer to creating a more credible ecosystem, we look forward to giving the audiences a first of its kind experiential heavy streaming experience.”

Samin Ahmed, Head of Marketing at BlitzkriegXP said "Devising strategic content that provides the gaming community with a fulfilling experience that is long-lasting as well as emotionally appealing is something that we are going to focus on, as a part of the collab to make sure that the brand really connects with the community.”

Having recently moved into their brand new bootcamp in Mumbai, the BXP team will be streaming a variety of games to keep fans engrossed with clutter-breaking experience-based streams.

To keep up with all of the action around BXP X WD Black Valorant Wednesdays please follow BlitzkriegXP on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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