BL4ZE Esports win two separate Grand Finals on the same day; both against 2EZ gaming.

BL4ZE Esports win two separate Grand Finals on the same day; both against 2EZ gaming.

Loco Battlezone tournament and VLT CS:GO Cup, both were won by BL4ZE 2-0 against 2EZ Gaming

Yesterday, in an amazing feat, BL4ZE Esports won two Grand Finals of CS:GO. One was the Loco Battlezone tournament Finale and other was the VLT CS:GO Cup Season 1 Finale. The tournament was a four day affair at the end of which, BL4ZE Esports were crowned as champions.

Both the Grand Finals were won by BL4ZE Esports and both the wins came against 2EZ GAMING. With this win, BL4ZE Esports have secured two more trophies with their name on it.

Raph and SKRossi light up the scoreboard at Loco Battlezone

Rafael “Raph” Marcal and Ganesh “SKRossi” Gangadhar were at the top of the scoreboard for BL4ZE Esports. They ended the game with 52 and 50 frags respectively which helped BL4ZE Esports win.

The tournament boasts a ₹ 75,000 prize pool with ₹ 30,000 for the winner and ₹ 20,000 for the runner up. The BO3 Grand Finals featured Nuke as the opening map.

BL4ZE looked strong after 4-0 start on the T side but 2EZ quickly regained composure and put 4 rounds to equalize the score at 4-4. The first half ended with a score of 9-6 favoring BL4ZE Esports.

The second half started with 2EZ winning the pistol and the following round but that was all she wrote. Things spiraled out of control for 2EZ and BL4ZE went on to post 7 back-to-back rounds to win the first map 16-8.

Dust2 again started with BL4ZE winning the pistol after Cara came on top against SK wow^ in a 1v1 affair. After trailing 0-3, SK wow^ managed to pull one back for 2EZ to post their first round on Dust2.

The score was 1-5 after which 2EZ showed little signs of life and put up a 7 round streak to end the half at 6-9 in their favor.

The second half of Dust2 was dominated by BL4ZE. 2EZ managed to post only 1 round on their T side and BL4ZE sweeped the map 16-10 to win Dust2 and the Grand Finals. SK wow^ put up a commendable 52 frags across both maps but it was not enough.

VLT CS:GO Cup Season 1

The second Grand Finals was the VLT CS:GO Cup with a ₹ 20,000 prize pool. This Grand Finals gave the same result with BL4ZE Esports toppled 2EZ Gaming to win. The first map was again Nuke where 2EZ Gaming started on the CT side and after losing the first three rounds, put up a fight to post a 9-6 half in their favour. Things were looking good for them but as the sides changed, so did their luck. They won only one round on their T side while BL4ZE dominated with 10 rounds. BL4ZE won the first map 16-10 where Cara and SKRossi ended up with 26 frags each.

Things were looking good for 2EZ Gaming on Inferno after they ended the first half with 11 rounds, giving away only 4 to BL4ZE Esports. naikZERA sitting at the top of the scoreboard with 20 frags to his name. But alas, it was not meant to be.

BL4ZE showed resilience and bounced back. Just when everyone thought 2EZ would take Inferno away after being 14-8 up, BL4ZE put up a stellar performance by posting 8 consecutive rounds to win the map and the match.

It was a heartbreaking affair for 2EZ Gaming. BL4ZE won the VLT CS:GO Cup: Season 1 Grand Finals 2-0 ( 16-10 Nuke, 16-14 Inferno) against 2EZ Gaming. Marzil and SKRossi again outfragging everyone else on their team with 24 frags each. naikZERA ended Inferno with 29 frags to his name.

A great day for BL4ZE Esports

BL4ZE Esports thus added two new trophies to their cabinet winning both the Grand Finals 2-0, both against 2EZ Gaming. Founder of BL4ZE Esports Mr. Arnav Chand was most pleased with the performance.

"We've been experimenting with the line-up a little bit, so its good to see that results are not a casualty in the process. We wish to keep this momentum going for all the tournaments heading our way, and I'm sure the team gets a boost of confidence considering they've played 2 seperate bo3 finals today," he said.

It was surely a treat for everyone at BL4ZE Esports and the fans as well to watch their team win 2 Grand Finals in such a dominant fashion.

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