Apex Legends will be making its way to Steam on November 4th

Apex Legends will be making its way to Steam on November 4th

Switch version delayed into next year

Respawn Entertainment's free to play battle royale Apex Legends will be available on Steam starting November 4th which also coincides with the arrival of Season 7. The developer has announced that the Nintendo Switch version will not launch until next year.

The Steam version of Apex Legends will support crossplay, so you can mix it up with your pals on Origin and consoles (although connecting with console players will take a little extra effort).

The developer also offered a reminder that all account progression and unlocks will carry over between Steam and Origin, should anyone be gripped with the urge to switch preferred storefronts at any time.

If you have a set of skins or in game purchases, they will be easily transferable to your preferred storefront.

Bad news for Nintendo Switch players

EA has confirmed that the Switch Version of Apex Legends which was to be launched in Fall 2020, will be delayed until 2021. The exact release date is yet to be revealed soon.

Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends has shared that they are working hard to get the game on the Switch in order to do justice to the game and make it into the great experience Switch players deserve.

Whenever the game drops on the Nintendo Switch, it will come with "full feature parity with the other versions of the game," including cross-platform support and the latest seasonal content.

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