Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass changes makes it easier to earn rewards

Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass changes makes it easier to earn rewards

Apex Legends' Season 7 battle pass kicked off earlier this week with the launch of Season 7: Ascension. Players were seen complaining on social media platforms about the fact that earning XP in Season 7 of Apex Legends was just too much of a grind.

Now, the developers at Respawn entertainment have made a few changes to the XP system which will help you level up your battle pass tier more easily than before. So, here are all the changes to the leveling system in Apex Legends Season 7.

Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass changes detailed

As of today, difficulty of the daily challenges has been reduced to Season 6 levels. Incidentally, you'll still get the same number of stars as before, but earning them will be easier.

To illustrate, in the original Apex Legends season 7 Battle Pass, you'd have to inflict a total of 1000 damage as a specific character in order to earn just a single star - now you'll only have to spam out 250 damage for one star.

In contrast to the earlier 5000 damage required for a star, the 250 damage option seems like a more reasonable way to level up your XP. The battle pass can be a great way to earn a slew of cosmetics, but if you can't complete it, it becomes somewhat worthless. For more details, check out the tweet below.

Earlier this week, there were some tweaks to the same battle pass, but none as drastic as this one. At the same time, to make matters easier for players, all players will get 10 free levels of the battle pass. Also, you will be able to complete the damage criteria with any Legend you choose.

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