Among Us Beta Update brings anonymous votes and colourblind support

Among Us Beta Update brings anonymous votes and colourblind support

The new features will make the game more intresting

Among Us has finally received a new update, and this patch includes a few changes and new additions to the game that could really spice things up. This update is available on the beta branch of the game on Steam, so it’s not officially released yet for everyone.

After saying a massive expansion in its player base, Innersloth began work on a sequel for Among Us. However, what was supposed to be a sequel to the game was later turned into future updates and the three-person development team has already started to roll out new updates.

The beta update will not be available for Mobile players on iOS and Android. Mobile players will have to wait until this update is fully released in order to us the newly added features.

The latest patch went live over the weekend and here is everything you need to know.

Among Us Beta October Update Patch Notes

These are not official patch notes as Innersloth has not released any details regarding the patch that went live, but this does not stop it's players from deducing what's new.

  • Anonymous Votes

    • You can now choose to make voting anonymous in order to hide everyone’s votes. This way, nobody will know who voted for who during a meeting.

  • Task Bar Updates

    • You can now change when the Task Bar shows up during a game. “Always” is the default setting, but you can now select “Meetings” and “Never” to have the Task Bar only show up during meetings or to never have it visible at all.

  • Colorblind Support

    • The Wires task has been made more accessible for colorblind players. Now each wire has a shape that corresponds to its color to help colorblind players complete this task more easily.

How to Get Among Us Beta

To get the Among Us beta, find the game in your Steam library and right-click it. Then, select Properties and navigate to the Betas tab. Open the beta drop-down menu and select “public-beta.” This will cause the beta update to download on your computer. The Among Us beta update is only available on PC, meaning iOS and Android players will have to wait for a full release.

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