LG will debut the world's first convertible and bendable gaming monitor at CES 2021

LG will debut the world's first convertible and bendable gaming monitor at CES 2021

The monitors will be capable of switching between a flat-screen and a curved screen

LG is set to bring new gaming technology to CES 2021. Alongside several transparent OLED displays, LG Display will be showcasing a gaming-related concept TV at its CES 2021 virtual showroom: a 48-inch 4K “Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display."

The monitor is one of its kind as it is capable of morphing between a flat and a curved screen at the press of a button. The display is aimed at gamers and packs features that are essential for the same.

The display can bend into a curved screen for immersive gaming

The concept here is that you can enjoy watching movies in flat screen mode, and at the press of a button, the monitor morphs into a curved screen up to a 1,000mm radius, for a more immersive gaming experience.

Just at the touch of a button the monitor curls into a section of what would be a circle with a 1-meter radius, to enhance gaming experience.

The monitor will support variable refresh rate

The Korean firm has said that this TV supports variable refresh rate going from 40Hz to 120Hz, which is obviously not up to today's gaming standards. Many other monitors offer 240Hz and 360Hz, however these lack transformation capability.

The monitor comes built-in with Cinematic Sound

The upcoming display will also be the company’s first to use CSO technology to deliver audio. It is worth noting that CSO was first introduced at the CES 2017.

However, the company has apparently made various upgrades as the new display is just 0.6mm thick, while the original CSO was about 9mm thick.

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