Yuvin Esports brings the Yuvin Weekend Cup to revive DOTA2 in South-Asian region

Yuvin Esports brings the Yuvin Weekend Cup to revive DOTA2 in South-Asian region

Yuvin Esports has partnered with Epulze in an effort to revive the DOTA2 scene in the South-Asian region. The Yuvin Weekend Cup starts from October 18, 2020.

There is no entry fee for this tournament and it features a $100 prize pool every weekend. This tournament is a great opportunity for young talents to enter in competitive DOTA2 scene. The tournament is only for 8 prominent South-Asian countries- India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Afghanistan.

Gamers, get ready!


The tournament will have a prize pool of $100 every weekend. Out of the $100, the winner will get $70 ($14 per player) and $30 ($6 per player) will be awarded to the runner-up. The prize money will be credited to the players' respective Epulze account within 24 hours of finishing the game.

5v5 matches will be in a best-of-1(BO1) single-elimination format starting October 18, 2020, at 1 pm IST. Only 32 slots are available and the registrations close in 3 days i.e, 18 October 2020. Interested players can register and learn more about the tournament here.

The matches in this tournament will be played on Singaporean servers in Captains Mode. In the standard DOTA2 Captains Mode, each team is assigned a captain who will make all the hero picks and bans for the team. There are no hero restrictions in this tournament and all heroes are available for picks.

Yuvin Esports is founded by Sharang 'Sharkky' Naicker, an ex-pro gamer turned entrepreneur. His passion for esports is evident and he knows his way around the esports ecosystem.

Yuvin Esports holds a prominent esports organization under their banner- Reckoning Esports. Reckoning Esports recently announced its new Valorant Roster and they also have a rich legacy in popular titles like CS:GO, DOTA2, PUBGM, and CODM.

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