FutureStation Esports brings a talk show for gamers by gamers

FutureStation Esports brings a talk show for gamers by gamers

One of the most prominent esports organization of the South Asian region, FutureStation Esports has come up with an exciting new venture called The Insider Show. Along with The Times of Esports, we bring this talk show that features interviews, quizzes and podcasts from the talented professionals at FutureStation to the budding curious gamers at home.

The Insider Show will be hosted by Timeburner Gaming and one episode will be released in every week of the month. Popular names from the Mobile Gaming community like BOPEDOPE, BADREV, MADMAX, KAPSHI, PUKAR, MACHINE, and more will be joining to give their insights about the esports scene.

About The Insider Show

At Times of Esports, we are passionate about gaming and we want to bring that passion out to you- the gamer. We strive to keep you updated with all the latest happenings from across the gaming spectrum.

Our association with FutureStation Esports helps this cause as they too are set on creating a large platform that will give all the upcoming and passionate esports stars an opportunity to showcase their skill on a grand platform.

With a dedicated team that holds a fierce competitive spirit within, FutureStation Esports has made their mark in Call of Duty Mobile with some notable achievements under their belt and plan to dominate the competitive esports scene and represent India on the world stage.

So do not miss an episode of this creative content series and stay tuned!

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