Esports: UEFA’s eEuro finals on May 23-24, catch it live on YouTube

Esports: UEFA’s eEuro finals on May 23-24, catch it live on YouTube

The European Championship has been pushed by a year leaving soccer fans starved for entertainment. However, they will still have a chance to cheer for their national teams when the inaugural eEURO 2020 tournament this weekend.

With the qualification round concluded, which saw participation from all 55 UEFA’s national associations, 16 teams will not take part in the final tournament which is to be streamed on UEFA’s Youtube Channel.

UEFA Events SA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein said in a statement, “This tournament has given efootball enthusiasts the chance to dream of representing their country on the biggest stage and we’ve witnessed memorable moments. We’ve seen a massive growth in the popularity of efootball over the past few years and eEURO 2020 is giving us the opportunity to connect with new and existing fans of national team football.”

The qualifying teams

How will it work?

  • The teams in each group will play each other in a dual tournament bracket format (double elimination without any grand final).

  • The top two teams in each group will progress to an eight-team single elimination bracket.

  • The four group winners will be randomly drawn against a runner-up team from another group.

  • Each match until the final will be a best of three series. The final will be a best of five. Matches will be played 1v1.

What prize do the winners receive?

A total of €100,000 in cash prizes will be split between the quarter-finalists, including €40,000 for the winners.

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